Being socially responsible is the core value of Pataskar Developers, and we strive towards improving the society and the community we operate in. The Pataskar Developers Team vows to remain socially responsible at every activity we undertake and to create better communities to live in by undertaking different philanthropic activities.


Filling Lives with Colour and Light

Mr. Amol Pataskar has joyously celebrated festivals like Diwali, Holi, Sankranti, and Christmas with street children and few orphanages. We at Pataskar Developers believe in spreading lights and joy in our communities. Apart from celebrating festivals Mr. Pataskar has been funding the old age homes and providing medicines on daily basis for the treatment of Old-age home people and other orphanages. Mr. Pataskar has also showered light in the lives of many distinctly-abled children.


Building the Future

Besides providing the daily necessities to the orphanage children, Mr. Pataskar has also funded the education of many orphans with a view to building their bright future. We believe that it is important to help these children identify and define their life goals, and Mr. Pataskar is leading this path of carving the future of these children, by providing them the right guidance. Mr. Pataskar has joined hands with Local NGOs, old-age homes, and orphanages.

Mr. Pataskar has also actively participated in different activities like tree plantation, cleanliness initiatives, and also actively works towards ensuring safety requirements for the construction workers and their families.