Rajaninath. G. Pataskar

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Rajaninath. G. Pataskar is the Founder & Managing Director of the Pataskar Developers Private Limited, a leader in quality constructions and real estate development. He has more than 40 years of work experience in the construction industry and is the technical and architectural genius behind the Company’s outstanding reputation for quality and innovation. He is an architect by profession, and a government-approved valuer for Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Bank loan, Sale, Purchase, Mortgage, Cost of Construction, Solvency Certificate, and Land Acquisition. His projects display an ability to transform barren land into some of the town’s most vibrant property developments

Amol Pataskar


Mr. Amol Pataskar, a Civil Engineer by profession, is the pioneer in developing an industry-specific high standard technical support system for Pataskar Developers. He holds a Masters Degree in Real Estate Valuation and his brilliance and untiring zest for excellence, and a customer-focused approach has helped in creating successful endeavors.

Jyotsna R. Patskar


Mrs. Jyotsna R. Patskar is one of the contributors in penning down the success story of Pataskar Developers. A true visionary, Jyotsna Pataskar has backed the major policy decisions at Pataskar Developers and has been a true leader in most of the innovative ventures at Pataskar Developers.

Amit Patskar


Mr. Amit. R. Pataskar brings a young and vibrant edge to the business through a unique combination of his revolutionary ideas and his administrative and managerial skills. A science graduate in Geology, a study of the earth and soil, his educational background, along with his charismatic approach, is a vital asset to the company.