Pataskar Developers have lived up to the promise of their quality. We are happy customers and consider ourselves lucky as we have actually got value for our money.

Mr. Ashish Adhikari (Pataskar Mangala Prasad)

Today, where the construction projects are getting delayed for various reasons, Pataskar Developers have lived up to their promise of completing their project on time. Pataskar Developers are undoubtedly the most promising real estate dealers.

Mrs. Tasneem Merchant Dubai (Pataskar Eclat Bldg No.1)

The apartments crafted by Pataskar Developers are among the most spacious ones. Builder’s today compromise on space, but Pataskar Developers give value for one by offering the most spacious homes in town.

Ms. Minal Thakur (Pataskar Eclat Bldg. No.1)

Pataskar Developers projects rank high on luxury. They provide some of the beautiful and luxurious residence spaces at most affordable prices. They are a perfect mixture of luxury, quality and affordability.

.Mr. Subir Korde (Prabhavati Towers-A)

The Pataskar Projects are located at one of the town’s prime location, and easily accessible. The commercial premises offered are very spacious and cater good business and have provided a good and sound investement opportunity.

Mr. Atul Agarwal (Pataskar Eclat Commercial Bldg. no. 2)

Pataskar Developers uses the advanced technologies in construction, and also uses the best quality construction materials which help them to deliver their brand promise of quality, and trust.

Mr. Yogesh Adhyapak ( Pataskar Eclat Bldg No. 1)

Pataskar Developers have become synonymous with quality and luxury. Pataskar Developers have designed their apartments based on Vastu and the apartments are beautifully designed with best spatial designs.

Mrs. MohiniKumari Arishetty (Pataskar Avenue)

Pataskar Eclat Commercial bldg No.2 is one of the leading Residential and commercial property developers in the town and have created spacious and luxurious corporate spaces at the best location. Thanks, Pataskar Developers Pvt. Ltd.

M/s. Fort Point Automotive Pvt. Ltd ( Pataskar Eclat Bldg No.2)

On-time possession is the key feature of all the Pataskar Projects, and they have maintained their promise of quality in their ventures. The apartments are perfectly ventilated, designed as per Vastu and with lavish amenities. They offer the most affordable properties in the town, without compromising the quality and space.

Mrs. Sulbha Gokhale (Pataskar Avenue)

Today, most builders that quote a low price, often compromise on space, or their projects are located far from the city centre. Pataskar Developers’ projects are located at prime location, with luxurious amenities and they offer the best affordable prices in the town.

Mrs. Vaishali Raje (Prabhawati Towers-A)

The projects designed by Pataskar Developers are very spacious, and they use the latest construction technology for managing spatial development. Modern technologies clubbed with modern amenities and spacious apartments make them one of the most luxurious properties in town.

Dr. Neelima Fulgare (Pataskar Eclat Bldg No.1)

Pataskar Developers provide the most spacious and creatively designed commercial spaces. Pataskar Developers use one of the best quality security technologies so as to ensure safety at the commercial spaces. The security provisions provided by the company are one of the key features of their commercial projects.

M/s. Balaji Enterprises (Pataskar Eclat Bldg No. 2)